Two men applying Conklin liquid membrane roof coating

Metal Restoration Commercial Roof

Can you picture a spray applied truck bed lining? The Conklin liquid applied roofing system uses the same concept. Instead of buying sheets of rubber or membrane at a factory and welding the pieces together on your roof, we bring the factory out to the job and build a seamless roof system designed specifically for your building. You’ll have a seamless roof that performs like a membrane roof but WITHOUT the seams when the job is complete.

The metal restoration roofing system is especially suited to renewing older metal roofs on commercial buildings. The first step to applying a liquid membrane involves thoroughly cleaning the entire roof with a high pressure washer and our “Rust Off” cleaner. Next, we apply metal primer to the entire roof area to protect the metal roof. Polyester fabric reinforcement is embedded into the base coat that is applied to all seam areas. The fastener heads get sealed off next with a fastener-grade sealant. Finally, we spray the white reflective top coat over the entire area creating a strong seamless membrane over the entire roof.

How We Apply the Liquid Roof Coating

washing a metal roof with rust off and pressure washer

1. Apply “Rust Off” cleaner to the entire roof and wash with a high pressure washer.

workers applying metal encase primer

2. Apply “Encase” metal primer to the entire roof area.

Two men applying base coat and fabric on seams on a metal roof

3. Apply Base Coat at approximately two gallons per square foot on all the seams embedded into “Spunflex” fabric.

worker sealing fasteners on metal roof

4. Seal off all fasteners with our fastener grade sealant.

Worker applying the top coating on the Conklin liquid membrane roofing

5. Apply white reflective Top Coat at approximately two gallons per square foot on the entire roof area.

Get Started with L&L Roofing

1. Worker performing a Free Inspection

1. Free Inspection & Consultation

Not every roof calls for the same solution. Our free inspection and consultation is the first step towards a leak-free roof!

#2. Worker Repairing or Re-roofing a warehouse roof

2. Repair or Re-roof

Our crew will begin working on your roof. Whether installing a new roof or repairing your existing roof, you can expect a clean job site, timeliness, and no cut corners.

Paper with Plans to maintain your roof

3. Forget Your Roof

Quit worrying about your roof leaking, and get back to doing what you love. Ask about our maintenance program and our renewable, non-prorated warranty.

In the service industry, the expectations of quality, dependability, and integrity therein are respected by those in business who are adequately and professionally served thereby. And in regards to our recent experience with L&L Roofing these desirable expectations were impressively satisfied. The products and skilled application of them in the installation of their roofing system on the fellowship hall of our church was "grade A", and with pleasure their company has a recommendation forthwith to serve others likewise.