Top view of a newly applied PVC roof coating

PVC Roofing Systems

Are you looking for a commercial or industrial roofing system that is traditional and tried & true? This is it. Known for its reliability, the PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) roofing system is easy to install and ideal for new construction sites and jobs that have a high overspray risk. This single-ply roofing is also ideal for flat roofs or roofs with little slope. PVC roofing is known to be highly resistant to high winds, chemical harm, and UV damage from the sun.

The PVC installation process is simple. We start by fastening one edge of the thermoplastic membrane with fasteners. Next, it’s easy for us to heat weld weld the next piece of PVC into place due to its strong, flexible nature. Welding the pieces together keeps the roof sealed and watertight. From there, our professional roofing specialists install trim on the edge of the roof. Our final step is to flash all protrusions and HVAC units. When we flash a surface, we use pieces of galvanized steel to reinforce areas that are susceptible to leaks. Areas around chimneys, skylights, and vents are all examples of these prone to leak places.

Old age, rust, leaks, or vandalism may be threatening your roof. Whether you own a restaurant, warehouse, or other flat-roofed structure, a single-ply PVC roofing system is very possibly what you’re looking for. If you choose the PVC roofing system, you’re also choosing a 20-25 year warranty. The tough yet lightweight material will keep you and your employees smiling for years to come.

Steps to Installing a PVC Commercial Roof

Worker Fastening one edge of membrane with fasteners

1. Fasten one edge of the membrane with fasteners.

Worker heat welding the next piece into place

2. Heat weld the next piece into place.

Trim on PVC Roofing

3. Install trim on the edge of the roof.

Flash all protrusions and HVAC units.

4. Flash all protrusions and HVAC units.

Get Started with L&L Roofing

1. Worker performing a Free Inspection

1. Free Inspection & Consultation

Not every roof calls for the same solution. Our free inspection and consultation is the first step towards a leak-free roof!

#2. Worker Repairing or Re-roofing a warehouse roof

2. Repair or Re-roof

Our crew will begin working on your roof. Whether installing a new roof or repairing your existing roof, you can expect a clean job site, timeliness, and no cut corners.

Paper with Plans to maintain your roof

3. Forget Your Roof

Quit worrying about your roof leaking, and get back to doing what you love. Ask about our maintenance program and our renewable, non-prorated warranty.

L&L worked in a very timely fashion and did the job during one of the hottest parts of the summer. They did an excellent job with installing the new metal roofs on both our church building and ministry center. It’s a joy to have businesses in our community who work hand-in-hand with God’s work! We will definitely hold L&L in high consideration should we need such services in the future.