Two men applying Conklin liquid membrane roof coating

Roofing Contractors Indiana PA

A commercial building is an asset that has great potential to appreciate year after year. If you own a commercial building in Indiana, PA, whether it’s a restaurant, warehouse, or store; and are considering the state of your roof, you’ve come to the right place. 

Dubbed the “Christmas Tree Capital of the World”, Indiana PA, is a college-oriented town with wildly fluctuating weather. Harsh freeze and thaw cycles are one of the top reasons your commercial roof may leak. Commercial roof inspection & repairs can ensure that your building maintains its value by getting ahead of any issues that would diminish the appearance or structural integrity of the building.

Why L & L Roofing? 

L&L Roofing is owned by warranty certified applicators/contractors who have been serving commercial roofing customers since 2009. We’re family owned and operated, and dedicated to taking care of your property like it’s our own. As a preferred contractor of Conklin Roofing Systems and a member of Indiana Armstrong Builders’ Association and Better Business Bureau, we deliver on our guarantee of providing you with a roofing system that will perform well for years to come. 

When you choose L&L Roofing, you choose a clean and friendly crew, competitive pricing, an environmentally friendly roof, and a dependable maintenance program all in one. Our crew is committed to a “No alcohol or offensive language” policy on the job site. You can count on an L&L owner visiting your job for an installation inspection. If your roof has any leaks or problems after we complete the job, we will respond within 24 hours and will do our best to solve the problem within 3 days. Manufacturer warranty will be issued for your roof, and you will receive hard copies after the roof is completed. Our goal is to have you 100% satisfied with our crew and your roof project from start to finish. 

We’re committed to making your experience one to remember. Schedule a free, no-obligation inspection today and experience the freedom of a leak-free roof!

Get Started with L&L Roofing

1. Worker performing a Free Inspection

1. Free Inspection & Consultation

Not every roof calls for the same solution. Our free inspection and consultation is the first step towards a leak-free roof!

#2. Worker Repairing or Re-roofing a warehouse roof

2. Repair or Re-roof

Our crew will begin working on your roof. Whether installing a new roof or repairing your existing roof, you can expect a clean job site, timeliness, and no cut corners.

Paper with Plans to maintain your roof

3. Forget Your Roof

Quit worrying about your roof leaking, and get back to doing what you love. Ask about our maintenance program and our renewable, non-prorated warranty.

Why Conklin Roofing Products for Indiana, PA?

Conklin has a 50+ year track record for delivering top performing roofing systems. In the 13 years we have been working with them, we have never received a bad batch of products. We know that when we apply their systems correctly, they’ll definitely outperform their warranties. You can sleep well in bad weather knowing Conklin is a company that is founded on Christian principles and they guarantee their roof is up to the task of shielding your assets from Mother Nature.

Why a white roof? 

White roofs are more light-reflective and can have a significant impact on lowering extreme temperatures and driving energy costs down. Studies have indicated that during the warmest weather, white roofs help lower roof temperatures by up to 40% and decrease the amount of heat transferred into the building’s interior. That, in turn, helps to reduce the cooling costs! Conklin Roofing Systems meet the very highest standards for energy efficiency. 

What Conklin Cool Roofs do for you

  • Reduce air conditioning bills 
  • Increase roof durability
  • Lower air temperature surrounding your AC unit
  • Help lower the heat island effect
  • Provide sustainable roofing systems 
  • Reduce the amount of landfill waste by recoating the existing roof


Our Proven Systems for Indiana, PA

Which system is best for your roof? We understand the complexities of roofing systems, as well as their unique challenges. Whether you own a warehouse or restaurant, we have the perfect solution for you. Here are the systems that we offer.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Roofing Systems 

Are you looking for a commercial or industrial roofing system that is traditional and tried & true? This is it. Known for its reliability, the PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) roofing system is easy to install and ideal for new construction sites and jobs that have a high overspray risk. This single-ply roofing is also ideal for flat roofs or roofs with little slope. PVC roofing is known to be highly resistant to high winds, chemical harm, and UV damage from the sun.

If old age, rust, leaks, or vandalism is threatening your roof, a single-ply PVC roofing system is very possibly what you’re looking for. Whether you own a restaurant, warehouse, or any other flat-roofed structure, you can be sure that if you choose the PVC roofing system, you and your employees will be smiling for years to come. This roofing system comes with a 20-25 year warranty. 

Spray Polyurethane Foam

The SPF roofing system is an L&L favorite. With an 85% reflective top coat, you’re getting a high R-value (the higher that number, the better the insulation) and a waterproof roof all-in-one. This seamless roofing system is known for its return on investment, sometimes saving our customers up to 30-40% on their utility bills.

Fabric Reinforced Membrane Roofing

Is your commercial roof substrate concrete, metal, ISO board, composite decking, or exterior sheeting? Our Conklin fabric-reinforced membrane roofing system will work in the above examples and more. The combination of a seamless acrylic coating with a resilient polyester fabric creates a durable roofing membrane that will lengthen your roof’s life and cut your energy costs noticeably. You will enjoy the extended lifetime of your roof as well as Conklin’s non-prorated material warranty for years to come.

Metal Restoration Commercial Roof 

The metal restoration roofing system is especially suited to renewing older metal roofs on commercial buildings. Can you picture a spray applied truck bed lining? The Conklin liquid applied roofing system uses the same concept. Instead of buying sheets of rubber or membrane at a factory and welding the pieces together on your roof, we bring the factory out to the job and build a seamless roof system designed specifically for your building. You’ll have a seamless roof that performs like a membrane roof but WITHOUT the seams when the job is complete.

L&L worked in a very timely fashion and did the job during one of the hottest parts of the summer. They did an excellent job with installing the new metal roofs on both our church building and ministry center. It’s a joy to have businesses in our community who work hand-in-hand with God’s work! We will definitely hold L&L in high consideration should we need such services in the future.